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Sarah Vosen

I am delighted to be joining the Wellness Playground team! My whole adult life, I have focused on health, healing, and wellness with an emphasis on fun, which is why being a part of the wellness playground retreat is a no brainer. I absolutely LOVE immersive experiences like retreats and trainings, and have been participating in them as a student and facilitator since my first AcroYoga teacher training in 2007. I also bring 20 years of expertise as a massage therapist and acupuncturist. I am the co-founder of Sarahpeutics 5 Element Thai massage, as well as a Burnout Recovery coach with “Fried. The Burnout Podcast.” 


I also enjoy hiking mountains, SUP-ing on lakes, bouncing on trampolines with my siblings, lounging in sun patches with my kitties, sharing delicious meals and laughter with my loved ones, and experiencing other cultures and beautiful places. 

Retreats are about experiencing the best of what life has to offer in a beautiful place, and perhaps an escape from the routine and challenges at home. The perspective offered from experiencing another culture with a group of like-hearted folks while your senses are stimulated in novel ways is truly magical, and can be life changing. And yet, what you left back home is still waiting for you…


What if you allowed yourself time, space, and support to help you move through what needs resolve to make going back to your life easier?


The intention of the retreat is wellness, joyful movement, lighthearted-ness, connection to each other, and to enjoy the beauty and culture of Thailand.


But what happens when you don’t feel joyful and lighthearted when the group does? 


What happens when your spirit wants to play, but your body is saying no due to pain or emotions?


What happens when some part of you thinks you aren’t flexible/strong/worthy enough to play?


Got chronic pain or other symptoms that just don’t seem to shift even though you have tried many things for many years?


What happens after the retreat when you get home and it’s cold, gray, and your life doesn't feel like a wellness playground? Let’s talk about how to cope and integrate the elements of the retreat that you love into your daily life. I can help you identify your values, perhaps the ones that lead you to this retreat, and how to integrate them into your home life.

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